The Greatest Rock and Roll Movies of All Time

The area of convergence of music and film has made for a special place in the industry. The soundtracks of a movie will depend on the theme used. With various genres in both industries, the combination needs to be done with expertise. ‘Rock and Roll’ is one of the types of music that has generated a huge number of fans in a short time, and it has been continuing to make a wave across the globe. Identifying the best rock and roll movies to watch this weekend can be quite difficult as several films release every year. The swagger every movie carry can be attributed to the music used. No other element can add the same level of excellence to a piece of art as the mix of tunes and lyrics. Let us look at some of the greatest rock and roll movies of all time.

1.      Purple Rain

You cannot expect a perfect film when watching Purple Rain, but there is a unique element to it, making the film a must-watch one. The bold attempt the filmmaker takes at showing the life of a rock star, when blended with the musical genius of the character, keeps the movie running on strong feet. Prince had become an icon as soon as the film was released in 1984, and he also went on to be the enigmatic character that oozes sensuous emotions through his flair for soul, rock, and funk. The music-driven dynamics of the band drama that brings rivalries to the light have epic musical creations. Everything from “Baby I’m a Star” to “I Would Die for You” has made this film on top of this list for a long time.

2.      This Is Spinal Tap

This Is Spinal Tap

This 1984 rock mockumentary by Rob Reiner breathes life into the various levels of comedy. While the film captures all the hilarious aspects of the musical genre, it also serves us with a delicious meal of all the important information about rock. Misogyny was bottled in the movie to form a sharp screenplay that covers even the absurdity in the scene of rock music. All these have ruled the industry for a long time. One of the most compelling features of the movie was its realistic but funny approach, making it less far-fetched. It all led to a wide acceptance of the movie by musicians, fans, and critics.

3.      Almost Famous

Cameron Crowe’s tale of young music enthusiasts brought the wild world of early ‘70s rock stars to the silver screens in 2000. The hyper-sincerity used by Crowe as his trademark trait adds perfection to the characters in the film. All highs and lows of the recording industry have been captured in Almost Famous with the stellar performances by Kate Hudson, Zooey Deschanel, and Billy Crudup. Good times and bad times are portrayed in the film with great songs, with “Tiny Dancer” being the best on the list.

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