The Greatest Classic Rock and Roll Songs

Not many people might have explored the rock music space for the brilliance it gathers with every song. The taste of the audience is way out of the question, but the artistic creations can always be criticized and dissected for more details. Once an album is out, it is up to the audience to decide if the tracks are worth cherishing or not. Of all the genres in the market, rock occupies a safe position on the top because of its strong foundation. While many creations in soul, funk, RnB, pop, disco, and hip-hop attempt at making a mark, rock music achieves it with ease. Such feats can be attributed only to the efforts of the legends. The classic tracks have been the reason for the genre’s longevity. Let us look at some of the greatest classic rock and roll songs.

1.      Bohemian Rhapsody

The Greatest Classic Rock and Roll Songs

A title that needs no introduction, especially after the release of a movie of the same name. Now that people are familiar with the title of the film and the song, the connection is understood. The development of rock in the 1970s’ was significant, and this is the track that set the warp to progressive rock in that decade. Bohemian Rhapsody is performed by Queen and penned by the band’s pianist/vocalist Freddy Mercury. This six-minute suite contains multiple elements to make it one of the best in the history of rock. It is also the most original of all songs on the list of albums created by the band. More than nine million copies were sold after the track hit the top of the UK Singles Chart. When the song re-released in 1992, after Mercury’s death, it received an equally heartwarming response. The surprising range of rock and roll has worldwide is conveyed through the popularity of this song.

2.      Stairway to Heaven

Led Zeppelin’s fourth album, “Stairway to Heaven,” is on this list not to boast of a single but to be appreciated for its whole creation. It is indeed a song that has been split into three parts that keep increasing in volume and tempo. Jimmy Page’s wondrous strums on the guitar did make a difference in the appeal of the song. The acoustic coda made the tune fade away into the memory of every listener. VH1’s 100 Greatest Rock Songs list of 2000 had Stairway to Heaven in the third position.

3.      I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

The licks in this track have made this an incredible piece that remains memorable over the years. Guitarist Keith Richards created “Satisfaction” on the main guitar lick, and it was further enhanced by the Gibson fuzzbox, which made the whole piece sound like being tracked by a saxophone. The song was performed live on an American television show that aired some of the greatest artists of all time. Rolling Stone picked “Satisfaction” as the second entry to their list of 500 Greatest Songs.

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